The most important competition that will take place during the two weeks of the European Go Congress 2014 is the Main Tournament that will decide the winner of the European Open (competition open for all players) and the European Champion of the year (competition reserved exclusively for players who have an European passport).

The Open European Championship is a 10 rounds tournament. After seven rounds, the best eight players will be separated from the field to determine the European Champion in a knock-out tournament.

In 2011 the big winner was Jan Simar from Czech Republic who beat the multiple European champion and favorite Ilya Shikshin from Russia. The best placed Romanian player was Cornel Burzo who was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Jan Simar.

The European Go Congress 2014 Sibiu begins Sunday July 27 and will have 5 rounds in the first week, until Friday with a break Wednesday. 6th round will be played Monday, Aug. 4 and the Congress will end Saturday August 9.

All rounds begin at 9:30 am and thinking times vary depending on the strength of the fittest player in a game like this:

  • for players below 4k the thinking time is 1.5 hours plus 30 seconds byoyomi if used electronic clock or 15 moves in 5 minutes if using a mechanical watch;
  • for players between 3k and 3d the thinking time is 2 hours plus 45 seconds byoyomi if used electronic clock or 20 moves in 10 minutes if using a mechanical watch.
  • for players over 4d the thinking time is 2.5 hours plus 1 minute byoyomi.

If the last congresses in Bordeaux, France, and Bonn, Germany, had 855 respectively 616 registered players we hope that in Sibiu will come more players than in France given the lower cost of accommodation in Sibiu and the proximity to Hungary, Ukraine , Czech Republic which have many highly active players who will be able to participate.