How to win slots machines? Part I

How to win slots machines is something all pokies players would love to know. Is it possible to beat the slot machines and if it is, how? Is there anything you can do to influence the outcome in your favor?

Yes. It is indeed possible to dramatically boost your chances to win pokies when you follow ten simple rules:

Rule #1: Make sure you follow the rules
I’ve decided to make this the rule #1 because you can have the best rules in the world, the rules that absolutely grantee your success – but if you do not follow them, they are worthless.

Having said that – hey, we’re only human. I’ve set the rules for myself and broken them, other people have done the same and I am sure that you too have broken your own rules more than once. Everybody has. Show me a person who has never broken the rules and I’ll bet he is not from this planet.

So if you feel bad when you break the rules – don’t! No-one in the world can follow them 100% of the time, so it is wrong to blame the lack of willpower. Now keep in mind that errors are made when we are tired, distracted, or rushing, and it is very possible to avoid some of the costly mistakes.

For example, in every casino that accept PaySafe cards you’ll find people who are drunk or otherwise intoxicated – and losing money, just make sure you’re not one of them.

It is quite OK to enjoy yourself with few beers or glasses of wine – in fact, it can relax you and put you in a better mood. Feeling positive attracts success; but it is NOT OK to play when you are blind drunk and incapable of making decisions.

Rule #2: Play slots only in online casinos that accept PaySafe cards
This essential rule is often overlooked because people think that slots machines are the same everywhere. They are not. So, why is playing pokies online a better proposition to regular casinos? Because of 3 strong reasons:

Online casinos that accept PaySafe cards offer welcome bonuses
Just try walking into a regular casino and paying $50 for $100 worth of credits. They’d probably laugh in your face and throw you out. Why is it that online casinos offer welcome bonuses and regular ones do not? One big reason is physical proximity. Once you are in a regular casino they know it is a nuisance to go back to your car and drive around looking for another gaming place. The number of places where you can play slots close to where you live is very limited. On the Internet, however, the competition between online casinos is enormous and you’re only a click away from going to another casino – so they have no choice but to give you a welcome bonus or possibility to use PaySafe cards.

Online casinos that accept PaySafe cards give you loyalty points
Once you’ve opened an account at an online casino, they want you to stay there, not go elsewhere. For this reason not all, but a number of online casinos reward you with bonus points every time you play. The points can be converted into playing credits or cash. This is something that regular casinos invariably do not give you. It can mean extra 1% to 3% to you, which may not sound like much – but the percents add up, making the big difference to your bottom line.

Online casinos that accept PaySafe cards give WAY better odds to players
In Australia, the amount that slots machines give back to players cannot be less than 87%. This means that if you, for example, change $1,000 into 100 credits of $10 each, on the average you’ll get back $870 and the casino gets to keep $130. With regular casinos the odds are stacked firmly against you. Keep in mind that regular casinos are taxed at a high rate and sometimes face extra taxes and levies other businesses do not have to pay. For example, the government of New South Whales in Australia introduced an extra 1.5 turnover tax for horse-betting. Suppose a punter turns over one million dollars without either winning or losing, which is a common occurrence with big punters. He is not into money or out of the money, but the government helps itself to $15,000 in the turnover tax that the casino has to pay – and the casino will have to make up for it elsewhere or they’d be working with a loss.

On top of that, overheads for regular casinos are absolutely enormous compared to online casinos – land lease, premises, electricity, cleaning, etc, etc… – which is why they cannot afford to give you better odds.
Online pokies machines can give back 95% or in some cases up to 98%, making them much better places to play.

Rule #3: Play only in big, reputable online casinos that accept PaySafe cards
The odds in favor of the casino can be tiny – for example, against BlackJack players who apply the Basic Strategy the casino advantage is just 0.4% – but with every casino game casinos do have an advantage. If they didn’t they’d be losing money and going bankrupt, so the house advantage allows casinos to be profitable in the long run.

In the short run, casinos can and quite often do lose money. A single big punter playing with big money can drive a small casino into bankruptcy. Needless to say, this makes small casinos nervous – they simply cannot afford to lose much, and they do not have the capacity to absorb the losses as big casinos do. So to be safer, small casinos increase the odds in their favor and to your detriment.

On top of that, smaller casinos typically impose additional rules – like forcing you to play for big amounts long after the welcome bonus has warn off before you can collect your winnings.

Finally, attempting to convert your winnings into cash can be an exercise in futility at some of the smaller casinos – they just do not want to part with the money and make you jump through hoops before you can cash out.

In short: forget about small online casinos that no-one has heard of and play only in big online casinos known to be reputable.

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