How to win slots machines? Part II

Rule #4: Restrict either the amount of time you play or the amount of money you play with
As you know, casinos quite often lose money in the short run, but the house advantage ensures that in the long run they make money. Compare this with a toss of a coin: over a long period of time, the number of heads and tails will be about equal because the probability for each side of coming on top is 50%. Now try tossing a coin 10 times – and you can get a 6-4 or a 7-3 win for one side, or even more.

Back to playing pokies online – you need to restrict either the amount of time you play or the amount of money you play with. Playing for 2 hours is not the same as playing all day long, which gives the house advantage more time to show.

Rule #5: Be aware of the conditions – especially the changing conditions
When you sign-up with an online casino to play pokies, make sure to carefully read the conditions. An unscrupulous casino can cave a small print imposing unacceptable conditions upon you – but you would not know unless you read it. Also, small struggling casinos desperate for cash may advertise the best of what they offer, but hide the absolutely terrible conditions in small print.

So, take a moment to read the conditions – being able to quickly and easily cash out your winnings is a must.

Likewise, the conditions may change. You may have read about a great promotion and decided to sign up. You sign up next week thinking that they the conditions are the same, whereas they’ve changed two days before.

Casinos make mistakes too – I’ve seen not ones or twice but numerous times the casinos getting burned because they’ve offered the conditions that tipped the scales in the players’ favor. When they notice they’ve lost money, the casinos often do the opposite: change the bonuses, the number of plays before you can cash out, and other conditions making it too hard for players to win – it is time to cash out and go elsewhere.

Or, you may need to play a certain number of games before you can convert the bonus points into credits or cash. For example, if you’ve played 98 times but need to play 100 times to be eligible to use your bonus points, and you walk away never to return, you’ve missed out.

It pays to be aware!

Rule# 6: Play machines that give you greater returns
This rule is so essential, simple and straightforward and yet so many people do the opposite. So let me repeat: play machines that give you greater returns.

But how will you know which ones do? This is a little tricky…

By following the rule #2 and playing only in online casinos you make sure your chances are a lot better, but this is only a part of the story.

The fact is that within the same casino, the software in different pokies machines is configured to give different average returns. In pubs this percentage can be pathetic 87% and in online casinos it can go up to 98% or even 99% in extreme cases, when casinos run promotions or fight to attract new players.

Different games within the same casino give you different returns, so how can you tell whether the game you’re playing gives you 92%, 95% or 99%?

You could ask the casino – but I bet they won’t tell you. If they told you which games give you the greatest returns, who would play the games with lower returns? There is one thing you can rely on: periodic promotions. If a casino decides to up the returns in order to get more players, they will make this fact known because it is such a strong marketing point with the power to migrate the players from the competitors’ casinos into their playing rooms. Big casinos cannot risk to lose their reputation by false advertising, so you can be sure that the figures they give you are true. One important point: such promotions never last for long, so be ready to take advantage of the opportunity while it is still there.

OK, but this still does not tell you which games within the same casino give you more.

Here is a technique I’ve been using: I like to test 10 pokies games one after another by playing a number of times on each of them and betting the smallest possible amounts. I really love this part because it gives me heaps of entertainment while it points out the games that give better returns than the others. You win on some games and lose on some games.

Next, I stop playing all the games that haven’t won the money for me, and continue playing the winners only.

Finally, I select only one top game that gives the most, double the bet size, and only play this game. Sometimes I play the top two games (or even three) rather than just the top one, but only if the results are good.

This is a simple strategy, but psychologically hard for most people to stay with. Why? Because all the people, including you and me, develop the sense of justice, and this strategy runs contrary to it. People think that if a game has been losing them money all night it is due for a win – so they stick with a game that so obviously gives lousy returns. At the same time, they walk away from a game that has just paid off because “it will now not be due to pay again in a while”. Wrong! This means maximizing your losses and minimizing your gains. And 95% of people who play pokies do it!

– If a game gives low returns chances are it will continue to give low returns.
– If a game gives higher returns than other games, chances are it will continue to give higher returns. Why? Because it is programmed to give more.

It is worth noting that casinos occasionally lower the winning percentage of the games that happen to lose their money, and increase the returns to players for other games to boost their popularity. For me, this means two things: a) while nothing lasts forever, your chances are always better short-term than long-term; and b) I sometimes re-visit the games that previously gave me low returns to test them again with the minimal bets.

I stick with the game that gives me money, and use my ‘5 minutes – that is the rule #6.


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