How to win slots machines? Part III

Rule #7: Use your ‘5 minutes’
People who lose money at the pokies often tell the same story: there was a point when they were ahead, even a point when they made more money, but they kept playing and playing and playing until they lost. To win you must know when to play and when to stop.

Everything in life is cyclic and we would not know to appreciate happiness if we’d never experienced unhappiness.

This means that you need to press your advantage home when your moment of luck is there. But when you start losing game after game, stop – the Lady Luck has turned her back on you.

Rule #8: Always take the double
When you win, many pokies machines offer you a double-or-nothing chance. In fact, if a slots game does not have the doubling feature do not play it, but find the one that does.

Whenever you have a chance to double your winnings, take it!

Why? Because the odds of getting heads or tails are equal, so that is one situation when the casino has no house advantage against you at all. People who are not ALWAYS taking the double-or-nothing are saying no to the best chance they will ever have against the casino.

People playing the roulette never have the odds this good. The best odds they can get is when they bet on red or black, but this is less than a fifty-fifty chance because of the number zero, which does not count as either black or red – this is the house advantage. When you have the opportunity to double your takings in the game of pokies, the chances of winning or losing are perfectly equal – so go for it!

Rule #9: Take advantage of the special offers that tip the balance in your favor
You’ve probably heard that “casinos always win”.

This is so totally not true. Casinos must win in the long run or they’re out of business, but they can frequently have days, weeks, or months when they lose money. It is fact that even big houses like SportingBet had quarters (3-month periods) that finished in the negative territory.

But what may come as a surprise to you is that online casinos often lose money on purpose!

Sounds crazy?

Well, it isn’t, when you think about it.

This really is not a new concept. For example, supermarkets routinely sell products that lose them money. So do technology stores. So do other businesses.


Because it brings customers into the store. Businesses then not only recoup their losses but make nice profits by selling other products.

Here is an example: a company selects a product that costs $10 to produce and sells is for $9, and markets it heavily, bringing scores of people into the store. The number of the “loser” products you can buy is usually restricted to 1 or 2 per customer. They lose $1 every time they sell this product, but few people just walk away after buying that one product – they stick around, buying this and that, making the profit to the company.

If you lose $1 but gain $10 in profits from each customer on the average, wouldn’t you do it?

Running an online casino is like running any other business, except that it is more competitive than most other industries. The casinos know that they’re playing the game of numbers and are not afraid to tip the scales in the favor of players when they run special promotions. What does it mean? Quite simply, it means that there are plenty of situations whereby your chances of winning are greater than your chances of losing.

When you take into equation the welcome bonus, the loyalty points and other perks offered in special promotions, put together they are stronger than the house advantage. In other words, for a limited period of time or a limited number of plays or both, mathematically you have the advantage and not the casino.

As I said, it is a game of numbers. For as long as casinos continue to gain more losers to supply them with money than winners who take away their money, they’ll continue to offer special promotions with short-term advantages for players. This is the same as the loser-product I talked about that loses $1 to the company each time they sell it. If all of the customers were to walk away with just that one product, the company would be losing money, right? Right! And they do lose money on SOME customers, but make profits on all of the others.

And now I am going to reveal to you by far the deepest fear that online casinos have.

Have you noticed how online casinos often give you $100 worth of credits as a welcome bonus when you sign up and deposit $50? Or, for example, $200 worth of credits for your $100. Or $400 in credits for your $200. Welcome bonuses like that are becoming more and more common.

But, have you ever seen an online casino to offer $2,000,000 in credits for the deposit of $1,000,000? No? It’s the SAME offer as $100 in credits for $50, only scaled up.

Let me tell you, you are NEVER going to see an offer like that. Why? Because it would attract professional gamblers who know to recognize a mathematical advantage when they see one. They’d jump at the opportunity to fleece the casino, and the casino would be at risk of suffering hefty losses or even bankruptcy. And that’s the biggest fear casinos have.

The offer of $100 in credits for $50 does not attract professionals – it’s just not enough money for them. So, the offer will attract SOME winners, but for every winner it will attract a bunch of careless people committing silly mistakes (see the rule #1), and ready to supply the money both to the casino and the winners.

If you’re a recreational player who loves having fun but would not mind making money while you’re being entertained, promotions and special offers give you a wonderful opportunity to have both.

Rule #10: Play where jackpots are substantial
Do you know that pubs with pokies machines almost always restrict the maximum size of the jackpot to $10,000? Well, they do, for all the reasons I’ve already talked about. OK, winning $10,000 is not bad at all – but it is not something life-changing.

Winning $500,000 or a million on the other hand would change your life unless you’re already rich. Instead of paying off the mortgage for 30 years, it is taken care of right now. You get to go on a cruise, buy the car you’ve always wanted…

…and with bigger jackpots one lucky spin can make you rich overnight – you could say good buy to your boss and the drudgery and only do what you want to do.

The odds of winning a jackpot are small – if they were the same as lining up 3 in a row casinos would not be in business for long – but people do win jackpots every single day, and the odds of winning $3,000,000 when you play pokies online can be the same as winning $10,000 when you play pokies in a pub.

And when it comes to jackpots, you only need to win once 🙂

If after reading the 10 rules on how to win slots machines all you’d like to do is have some entertainment, play free pokies online. They are completely, 100% free and you get to play them immediately – no download needed and you do not have to register for anything or give your email address to anyone. Or, if you want to be able to play pokies at any time whether you’re connected to the Internet or not, go to pokies download and get the one you like the most.

For me and for many others, playing pokies is more fun when there’s some money involved, even if it is only few dollars, because of a good chance to win money when you play it the smart way, and because you can win a jackpot. Personally, I’d hate to hit the jackpot if I play free pokies – and instead of this being a life-changing event with my pocket full of money, I end up with nothing, zilch, nada… but hey, that’s just me 🙂