League Of Legends Scholarship

The eSports Arena is actually part of the eSports initiative that we’ve done over at UCI and it has multiple pillars. Some of that is competitive gaming, we have our own scholarship teams, especially in League of Legends and as you can see behind me, we have the UCI eSports Streaming Corner so you can learn entertainment, social media, build and market your own brands. And then over here, it’s Console Corner, so that’s like our Smash, a lot of our fighting games, stuff like that. But it’s multi-faceted, so it’s not just limited to eSports, we do have an amazing computer science program. Its bigger than that, you get to compete, you get to interact as a student on campus. – This is like the coolest thing ever, so do you want to introduce yourself to my internet friends? – Hey guys, I’m Gigasnail. – What’s your major? – So I am a philosophy, political science and economics major. –

What’s your game of choice, most importantly? – Overwatch and I’m definitely good at Bastion Main. – Is that a GameCube over here? – Yeah. – This, right here, this is why I almost failed college. GameCube, Mario Kart, we basically spent like three weeks playing non-stop, didn’t go to school, didn’t do anything. But now you guys have it here, that you can actually play as a part of going to school. – In Console Corner we have tons of different consoles, so a lot of the Smash team will bring their own Wiis or their own GameCubes or whatever they wanna play on, just so they can practice and then we offer different consoles as well, Xboxes and PS4s and anything people wanna get their hands on. – Oh my God, this is incredible, this is the future here. – So, all of our scholarship players, they can come in before and after hours if they need to, they can come in in between classes and they get to be on their own dedicated computers. –

So they have a scholarship program for League of Legends? That’s what you’re telling me? This is so awesome. – Yeah, so they get their school paid for to come play for us. – So, it’s not like you’re playing video games for fun, this actually ends up turning into a job and a career and you’re playing for a completely different reason, basically to be the best. – Yeah, absolutely, this is the start. College is the place where you go to prepare for your career and I think the great thing that UCI’s recognized is that eSports is a huge, huge future part of these peoples lives and they want to prepare them for that career. – I love it and look at this, this is it. (gentle house music) Alex, hello! So we were just chatting to some students here at UCI and we’re both, well, we’re definitely older than them and this is something that did not exist back in our day going to school.